July 17, 2011

Thank You!

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Dear Friends,

I am writing to thank you for your help, support and encouragement over the past several months. As you know, in May of 2011 I entered the race to be the Democratic Nominee for Illinois’ 10th Congressional District because I believe that every Americans should be able to find job, support their family, afford their healthcare, and get an excellent education in our public schools. Our current and past representatives, and their party, have failed to do what was necessary to restore our Nation’s prosperity and, instead, have focused on political ploys designed to garner support from their most radical constituents. It is time to stop sacrificing the wellbeing of everyday Americans and put our Country back on track.

I am also writing to let you know that I have, regretfully, decided to withdraw my candidacy at this time. I want to recognize the great support and spectacular efforts of my volunteers and Campaign Committee, without whom the past months would have been impossible. Although it is an incredibly tough decision, I have determined that seeking this position is not in the right path for me or my family at this time. I will continue to work in the 10th district and support the fundamental ideal of my campaign – to restore prosperity to working Americans.

Through this campaign we have shown that the next step towards recovery is to create jobs with a Federal jobs program that will rebuild the heart of our Nation’s economy, our infrastructure, and develop new, more efficient, technologies. We have also highlighted the problems facing small business, including their inability to get loans, and proposed proven solutions that will help them get back on track. Our efforts have drawn attention to the plight of fellow citizens that depend on Federal programs such as Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid and we have let the Republican Party know that we are not willing to abandon the promises made to the American people. All this would not have been possible without your support and the countless hours we have all spent working together. Again, thank you.

This is an extremely important election and I encourage all of you to support our continued efforts to help take back the 10th District in 2012. Thank you again for your support, your belief in me and all of your efforts to date.


Bob McKenzie